Hombres de la comunidad: repensando el ministerio eclesial

Hombres de la comunidad: repensando el ministerio eclesial

ISBN: 9781934996225


CATEGORY: Iglesia hoy

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Over the centuries, the crisis in ordained ministry has not been exclusively about the problem of celibacy, even though that is important and discussed here. The crisis is, above all, a crisis of “mission” identity. All ministry, and specifically the ordained ministry, must revive this missionary spirit in order to avoid a total relapse.

The reader of this book will find a profound examination and revision of the missionary caritas as the fundamental spark of the ministry’s Christology, of the ministry’s biblical theology, and of the configuration of that same ministry through the whole of its history.



José Ignacio González Faus was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1935. He has a PhD in Theology from Innsbruck and is currently Professor of Theology and Director of the Centro de Estudios Cristianismo y Justicia in Barcelona. He is author of more than 40 books, including Where the Spirit Breathes: Prophetic Dissent in the Church.

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