El cristianismo como comunidad y las comunidades cristianas

El cristianismo como comunidad y las comunidades cristianas

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Trigo sees each individual as having significance in terms of relationships with others, that is, within community. He emphasizes the importance of Christians being part of communities of believers whose faith is influenced by and strengthened within their own particular cultural contexts and their own unique values and social interactions. The author describes these Christian communities as taking various forms that can express themselves in many different ways and social patterns. Although his views are based on traditional Christian beliefs, Trigo offers fresh ways of thinking about the church and the human community that can have meaning for our global contemporary society.


Pedro Trigo SJ is one of the most recognized theologians in Latin America today. A Jesuit originally from Spain, he became a Venezuelan citizen and is presently a professor at the School of Theology at Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas. He is a research member of Centro Gumilla and chair of Jesuit socio–political studies in Venezuela. He has written numerous books and articles on theology, philosophy and Spanish literature for international journals and is a frequent participant in conferences and seminars throughout the world on liberation theology.

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