The Banquet: A Reading of the Fifth Sura of the Qur`an

The Banquet: A Reading of the Fifth Sura of the Qur`an

ISBN: 9781934996058

CATEGORY: Interreligious Dialogue


CATEGORY: Theology

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Cuyper’s work is a groundbreaking contribution to Islamic-Christian studies and is being warmly received by the Islamic academic community. He applies recent methods of rhetorical textual studies to the analysis of the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, which previously has been seen by many as a fragmented text with little sense of order. He has achieved a systematic and organized reading of the Qur’an text that is in absolute accordance with the Islamic faith, a task that has never before been accomplished. Both Muslim and Christian theologians around the world recognize his achievement as one of the most important contributions to an understanding of Islam based on Christian scholarship.



Michel Cuypers, a Belgian, is a Brother of Jesus, the religious community founded in the twentieth century by Charles de Foucauld. Cuypers resided in Iran for twelve years, first at a leper colony in Tabriz, and later studying Persian language and literature in Teheran. He obtained a doctorate in Persian literature from the University of Teheran in 1983. He studied Arabic in Syria and Egypt, and in 1989 he moved to Cairo, where he presently resides. Cuypers is a researcher and professor at the Dominican Institute for Eastern studies which was founded in Cairo half a century ago, and is a member of the International Society for the Studies of Biblical and Semitic Rhetoric at the Papal Gregorian University in Rome. Since 1994 Cuypers has utilized the method of rhetorical analysis in focusing his studies entirely on the composition of the Qur’an text. His articles and essays are being increasingly appreciated by Muslim scholars.

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