Latino/a Theology

The Latino/a Theology Books are a resource to study the present and future of the Hispanic Ministry in the United States, engaging with their socioeconomic realities and discrimination, while proposing a praxis of social compassion for the poor. Through this Series Convivium Press will offer Books written by leading voices in the field of U.S. Hispanic and Latino/a ministry and theology.


Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century: Present and Future

The Hispanic presence in the Church in the United States is profoundly reshaping the direction and character of Catholicism in this country. Nearly half the Catholic population is Hispanic and...

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Save $ 6.00 Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century: Urgent Matters

Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century: Urgent Matters

BILINGUAL EDITION As the twenty-first century continues to unfold with giant steps, U.S. Catholicism experiences major transformations at various levels thanks to the Hispanic presence. In many parts of the...

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