Exploring Faith with New Eyes: Addressing the Crisis of Belief in a Secular Age

Exploring Faith with New Eyes: Addressing the Crisis of Belief in a Secular Age

ISBN: 9781934996607


CATEGORY: Theology

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To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, three of the most important authors in the field of Spanish religious and theological thinking offer their reflections on the subject of faith. Each of them is a child of a Council member whose memory we are celebrating. The authors, each with their individual and distinct style, expose aspects concerning the Christian faith that can help readers to personalize it and make it ever more deeply their own.

Eyes Fixed On Jesus offers sections for personal reflection and suggests ways in which groups can come together for study and discussion of the text. This book will help those who read it – whatever their personal or ecclesiastical status – feel lovingly looked upon by the Lord and be able to sincerely say those words of St. Paul: “I know whom I have believed.” 



José Antonio Pagola was born in Spain in 1937. He completed his theological studies in 1962 at the Papal Gregorian University in Rome and his studies in Sacred Scripture at the Papal Biblical Institute in Rome in 1963. He also studied Biblical sciences at the École Biblique in Jerusalem. Pagola is a professor at St. Sebastian Seminary and at the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain. He has dedicated his life to Biblical studies and Christology and has done research on the historical Jesus for more than thirty years. His is author of numerous books including the best selling Jesus: An Historical Approximation.

Dolores Aleixandre Parra has doctoral degrees in both Trilingual Biblical Philology and Theology, and has been Professor of Sacred Scripture at the University of Comillas in Madrid. She is an internationally known author and spiritual leader, giving retreats, courses and conferences in several different countries. She has contributed to the insertion and promotion of women in theology, describing herself as “a woman of and for the Kingdom” rather than a “consecrated soul”. In recent years she has lived in an inter-congregational community in a Caritas Centre for immigrant families, experiencing neighbourliness, hospitality and forming bonds with people in very difficult social and economic situations.

Juan Martín Velasco is one of Spain`s leading philosophers of religion and critics of the religious situation in our world. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Phenomenology of Religion at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, as well as in the Faculty of Theology of "San Damaso" in Madrid. He has taught at the Institute of Religious Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, and at the Comillas Pontifical University and the University of Granada. He was Rector of the Seminary of Madrid (1977-1987) and, for sixteen years, was director of the Institute of Pastoral Theology in Spain. His publications include more than 30 titles and numerous articles and contributions to collective works worldwide.

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