Caminemos con Jesús: Hacia una teología del acompañamiento

Caminemos con Jesús: Hacia una teología del acompañamiento

ISBN: 9781934996102

CATEGORY: Cristología


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With the increasing numbers of Hispanics in North America, there is a growing need to express the Christian faith in ways that are meaningful to the Latino/Hispanic community. Although there have been many attempts to do this, little has been written that defines in a systematic way a meaningful theology for North American Hispanics. In this work Goizueta challenges both traditional European and American theologies. Although Goizueta recognizes that “Hispanic” and “Latino” might be artificially imposed labels, he finds a common link in the Spanish language and a shared culture. He describes the Latino/Hispanic experience in North America, using the Biblical language of people in exile who are living on the margins of society and who are seeking ways to rediscover their identity in their new situation. Faith is central to their experience, and the author suggests ways in which these communities can embrace and follow the presence of Jesus, which is so vividly perceived in Hispanic communities. The author offers examples of discipleship that will have universal significance both for Christians and for all who are working for a better world.



The Cuban-American Roberto Goizueta is presently a noted professor in the theology department at Boston College. He is past-president of the Society of Catholic Theology in the United States and of the Academy of Hispanic Catholic Theologians of the United States.  Dr. Goizueta has published over 50 academic articles, and this book has received an award from the Association of Catholic Press. This work and the content of his unique Hispano/Latino theology are presented for the first time to the Spanish speaking world.


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