Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century: Urgent Matters

Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century: Urgent Matters

ISBN: 9781934996676

CATEGORY: Latino/a Theology

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As the twenty-first century continues to unfold with giant steps, U.S. Catholicism experiences major transformations at various levels thanks to the Hispanic presence. In many parts of the country, especially in the South and the West, to speak of Hispanic ministry is to speak of Catholicism in general. Without a doubt, the Church’s evangelizing work in this country and the vitality of Catholic communities will be strengthened in coming years as long as there is generous investment in Hispanic Catholics.

In this book, theologians Hosffman Ospino, Elsie Miranda and Brett Hoover bring together pioneering voices reflecting on what many consider «urgent matters» in our day for Hispanic ministry and the overall U.S. Catholic experience. This collection of essays continues the important conversation that began in the previous work (Volume 1), Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century: Present and Future (Convivium, 2010). Edited by Hosffman Ospino, Elsie M. Miranda and Brett Hoover.



In this Book, the following scholars offer an important contribution to understanding the future character of Catholicism in the U.S.: Donald Kerwin, Lynette De Jesús Saenz, Ken Johnson Mondragón, Antonia Darder, Patricia Jiménez, James F. Caccamo, Hilda Mateo MGSPS, David Sánchez, Allan Figueroa Deck SJ, Teresa Maya Sotomayor CCVI.

This Volume was edited by Hosffman Ospino, Elsie M. Miranda and Brett Hoover. Hosffman Ospino teaches pastoral theology and religious education at Boston College where he is the director of the university’s graduate programs in Hispanic Ministry. Dr. Ospino is an officer of the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States.

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