God’s Reign and the End of Empires

God’s Reign and the End of Empires

ISBN: 9781934996294

CATEGORY: Christology

CATEGORY: Political Theology

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In this book, Antonio González analyzes the nature of global empires since the time of Babylon. His premise is that empires maintain power by any means necessary, including exploitation, injustice and idolatry. It is in this context of empire —specifically the Roman empire— that Jesus proclaimed the reign of God as opposed to the reign of Caesar. Within God’s reign, God alone rules, with mercy, love, justice, and special concern for the oppressed. Imbued with this faith, a new community of believers developed, who lived what Jesus proclaimed, sharing resources and practicing equality and forgiveness.

"González masters a vast variety of economic, political, sociological and theological issues with a high degree of scholarly command, clarity, and elegance. He offers a meaningful way forward and the courage not to lose hope —for those of us who have theoretically and academically struggled for quite some time with the structural, cultural, psychological, and overt violence of imperial capitalism… and for those of us who simply feel in our hearts that something is basically going wrong in our society, culture and world and are looking for meaningful alternatives. This is social theology at its best."

— Ulrich Duchrow, Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Heidelberg.



Antonio González, a noted Spanish theologian, has worked at the Jesuit University in Guatemala and various centers of higher education in Europe. He shares with liberation theology the perspective of God’s option for the poor and the centrality of praxis in the Christian message and life. He is a member of a Mennonite community and is author of Structures in Praxis, Trinity and Liberation, and Theology of the Evangelical Praxis.



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