Reflections for our Times — Theism

Experience: Religious, Mystical, Human?

Tags: Mysticism, prayer, Religious experience, Spirituality, Theism

The eminent theologian Karl Rahner has said that the Christian of the future will be either a mystic (which means, someone who has experienced something), or he/she won’t be a Christian at all. Rahner´s prophecy is accurate, not only concerning Christians but also for anyone who experiences transcendence in these times. In the same way that modernity does not accept anything that is unverified by rationality, the post-modernity in which we live considers experience a privileged way of knowledge . Despite the risk of disillusionment that is inherent in experiences remaining superficial or induced by artificial means, it seems perfectly...

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On Secular Culture and Religious Crisis

Tags: Atheism, Mysticism, Religious experience, Secularism, Spirituality, Theism

Our context —variously identified as “modernity”, late-modernity”, “hyper-modernity”, or “post-modernity”— is somewhat like quicksand. We are not only facing a time of changes, but, as the final document of the Assembly of the Latin-American Bishops held in Aparecida says, we are confronting an epochal change, and this means significant changes for human life, its configuration, its meaning and self-understanding, along with a feeling of enormous uncertainty, insecurity and anxiety.  One of the greatest impacts of the current changes is no doubt its effect on religion. If during the Age of Enlightenment, human rationality became increasingly visible and achieved the status...

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