Reflections for our Times — prayer

Experience: Religious, Mystical, Human?

Tags: Mysticism, prayer, Religious experience, Spirituality, Theism

The eminent theologian Karl Rahner has said that the Christian of the future will be either a mystic (which means, someone who has experienced something), or he/she won’t be a Christian at all. Rahner´s prophecy is accurate, not only concerning Christians but also for anyone who experiences transcendence in these times. In the same way that modernity does not accept anything that is unverified by rationality, the post-modernity in which we live considers experience a privileged way of knowledge . Despite the risk of disillusionment that is inherent in experiences remaining superficial or induced by artificial means, it seems perfectly...

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Giving God our Burdens

Tags: compassion, espiritualidad, healing, meditation, mercy, prayer, Secularism, spirituality, transcendence

Daily challenges, the difficulties of coping with a routine that is not feeding my soul anymore with the nourishment it needs, and my many personal limitations generate varying levels of stress that breathe in and out in an exhausting and consuming cycle. After time goes by, in my attempts to cope with the many afflictions, my daily struggle becomes a burden. As time went by and after observing no long lasting results regardless of how I tried, frustration kicked in. As a result of this, just a few days ago I prayed to you Lord, so that you would take...

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Mística y oración

Tags: armando rojas guardia, compasión, espiritualidad, experiencia religiosa, misericordia, mística, mystic, oración, prayer, religious experience, spirituality

La cena que recrea y enamora “Mira que estoy a la puerta y llamo.Si alguno escucha mi voz y me abre,entraré en su casa y cenaré con él y él conmigo”.(Ap 3,20) Alguna vez escribí que la oración es el hecho capital de mi vida y que de ella ha dependido, en no poca medida, mi madurez y la fructificación global de mi espíritu. También escribí que el Dios incómodo de la oración me hace salir desnudo a la intemperie, exige de mí niveles cada vez más altos de conciencia y libertad, destroza con su sola e interpelante presencia el...

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VIDEO: "Distraction and Attention", by Laurence Freeman OSB

Tags: john main, laurence freeman, meditation, peace, prayer, silence, Spirituality, transcendence, wccm

One of the greatest sources of unhappiness in the world is distraction. Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of the World Center for Christian Meditation (WCCM) and Author of our Meditatio Series, explains to us on this video how to meditate, how to concentrate and have more attention.  

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Returning to One’s Own Center – The Novelty of Silence

Tags: john main, laurence freeman, meditation, peace, prayer, silence, Spirituality, wccm

A fable from the fourth century Egyptian Christian tradition reads as follows: “A father used to say, ‘Just as it is impossible for you to see your face reflected on troubled waters, in the very same way, your soul cannot pray to God in contemplation if it is not free from alien thoughts’”*. We are living on a long path that returns us to the center of ourselves. Increasingly, we attempt to recover from the feeling that we are traveling on a high-speed train in which our personal and social experiences flow at such a velocity that we are unable...

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