Reflections for our Times — hope

On Secular Culture and Religious Crisis

Tags: agnosticism, atheism, christianity, hope, individualism, laity, postmodernity, religion, religious experience, secular

Our context —variously identified as “modernity”, late-modernity”, “hyper-modernity”, or “post-modernity”— is somewhat like quicksand. We are not only facing a time of changes, but, as the final document of the Assembly of the Latin-American Bishops held in Aparecida says, we are confronting an epochal change, and this means significant changes for human life, its configuration, its meaning and self-understanding, along with a feeling of enormous uncertainty, insecurity and anxiety.  One of the greatest impacts of the current changes is no doubt its effect on religion. If during the Age of Enlightenment, human rationality became increasingly visible and achieved the status...

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The fraternal wisdom of our words

Tags: crisis, hope, mercy, reign of god, solidarity

In the midst of a world wracked by fear and hopelessness, our words and actions as Christians are called to bear the burden of being testimonials. As prophetic provocation, they must also bear the message of hope and the possibility of a global future in which people of good will struggle for reconciliation among all cultures and religions of our world. Today, many people desperately bewail like Qohelet: «Vanity of vanities, all is vanity» (Qo 1:2). This is a clamor that as Christians we are called to heed and, amid these cries, to strive for a true, authentic, honest serenity on the...

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