Believe in Heaven

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On this Christian feast of All Saints, I wish to clarify how I understand and try to live some aspects of my faith in eternal life. Whoever knows and follows Jesus Christ will understand me.

   For me to believe in heaven is to refuse to accept that the life of all and each one of us is only a small parenthesis between two immense voids. Founded on Jesus, I perceive, sense, desire, and believe that God is leading the desire for life, for justice and for peace built into creation and into the heart of humanity to its true plenitude.

   For me to believe in heaven is to refuse to accept with all my strength that the  immense majority of men, women and children, who in this life have only known misery, hunger, humiliation and suffering, should remain forever buried in oblivion. Trusting in Jesus, I believe in a life where there will no longer be poverty or pain, no one will be sad, no one will have to weep. At last I will be able to see those coming in makeshift crafts reach their true homeland.

   To  believe in heaven for me is to reach out with hope to so many people with poor health, chronically sick, physically and psychologically challenged, people sunk in depression and anxiety, tired of living and struggling. Founded on my faith in Jesus, I believe one day they will know what it is to live in peace and total health. They will hear the words of the Father: Enter forever into the joy of the Lord.

   I cannot resign myself to accepting that God will be forever “a hidden God”, whose gaze, tenderness and embrace  we will never be able to have known. I cannot ever  reconcile myself to never meeting Jesus. I cannot reconcile myself to the idea that so much done to bring  about a more humane and joyful world be lost in fruitlessness. I want to see one day the last be the first and prostitutes once despised go ahead of us. I would like to get to know the saints of all religions and all kinds of atheism, all those who lived loving lives anonymously, hoping  for nothing.

   One day we will be able to hear those incredible words the Apocalypse puts in the mouth of God: “Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.” Free! Without deserving it. In this way will God satisfy the thirst for life there is in us.

José Antonio Pagola

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